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How to evaluate the different factors handicapping horse race

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When we talk about horse racing handicap, there are certain factors that are important. If you want to succeed you need to understand the factors that will help you find winners and at the same time help you get rid of bad paris place. One of the first things you need to understand horse racing, is that for each race, you have to adopt different methods to develop consistency to win. This means that there is no single magic formula for all types of racing.

For each race, you have to implement different strategies. This is because the conditions of each race will be different from the other. Distance, track conditions, etc. can be so widely differ from one race to another. This will definitely have an impact on the race. You must understand that each race has its own set of restrictions and guidelines that are written by the steward. Now, this will determine the horses that are eligible for the race.

One way to keep track of the performance is to keep an eye on the NW race. Known as the non-winning Race, these races are for young horses who have not won a number of races so far. By keeping track of the performance of non-winners, you will know in advance what to expect. You will know if the rhythm, speed, breeding, class and position position will play an important role or not in a race. This means that if you are handicapping a race of two or three young of the year when most horses have not run, then you need to consider things like breeding, record trainers win with two or three young of the year, etc. Also, even during a race may be different factors involved if you want to succeed in horse racing handicap, you will learn how to evaluate the different factors at different times.

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