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Steering clear of Unbettable Horse Racing

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Three of the five horse racing unbettable and it does not matter if your favorites or long shots win. The fact is: The best horse does not always win and the fastest horse does not always win. One reason for this is simple: races are held by racing secretaries eager to fill cards, do not produce winners disabled easily.

Although many unbettable situations can be easily determined, many can not. Some situations are patently ridiculous, others simply confusing. I recommend that you train your eye to see how not to bet as much as when and how to bet. If you can correctly identify unbettable situations, you greatly improve your chances of winning.

When I speak of unbettable situations, I’m not talking about rain or muddy tracks. And I’m talking about situations outside the mechanical nature of the race itself. By unbettable situation, I mean the mechanical part of the race itself, causing confusion as to the good horse to bet on, thus preventing smart bet. The following is an outline of the dangers that I found which will reduce your chances of picking winners, and which, if not carefully avoided, make losses and bad choices.

Unbettable a situation can be created by yourself. He constantly looks at the ratings board is looking for trouble. He is looking for a crutch to lean on. He begins to seek “advice” from someone who knows something, or trying to find out if the public agrees with his choice to be psychologically prepared to rush to the mutual windows. I heard many people say, “This is the horse that looks like a winner, but how can he win this award,” or “The smart boys are among three horses, how do I go with? this? ”

Well, to put it bluntly, there is no intelligent boys. Nobody knows more than you! Wrong, you say? Stop thinking for a minute. There are eight horses in a race, and the owners of at least five of them probably feel that their horse is ready and can win. So who are the smart guys? One of eight to win and seven others have to lose, but the fans think that there is always someone who knows something more than they do – and they are waiting for the tip! Get off the cloud. Figure it out for yourself – your selection is as good as the steward!

It seems to be psychologically easier to bet more choice odds-on on a horse, which is three to one. You are comforted by the fact that the public loves, public handicappers like him, and you love her. But the horse does not know he is approbated that way! Remember the statistics show that John Q. And John Q. Public Public Handicapper wrong 66 percent of the time. Favorites earn an average of one out of three races. How does it make sense to follow someone who is wrong both times?

It is far better to develop your own capacity for independent disability and public scorn, public handicappers and commissions odds. I do not pretend to bet on a horse at 20, I would suggest playing favorites. Instead, I suggest a balance between abstraction of public choice and paris your own choice! If these two Occasionally, there should be no need to be unhappy.

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